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Guidelines For Parents

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Dear Parents
1. The School will appreciate the parent’s or guardian’s co-operation with the school authorities and their participation in enforcing regularity and discipline. To bring out the best in a child, home influence should supplement school efforts to make him/her a pride of the family and an asset to the society.

2. Parents/Guardians are requested to spare their valuable time to attend the Parent – Teacher Meetings and enable us to sort out problems, if any, in respect of their child.

3. Parents / Guardians are to check the Diary daily and pay attention to the notes / suggestions given by the teachers. Kindly acknowledge by signing against all the entries made therein.

4. Parents and Guardians are not allowed to walk into any class or interact with a teacher during school hours. Those who wish to find out the progress of the child wil only meet the teachers concerned during the prescribed visiting hours.

5. Should there be any infectious disease in your house, please report the fact to the Principal. Do not send your ward to the school till the infection / Quarantine period is over.

6. You are requested to sign the Progress Report Card on time.

7. Parents are requested not to encourage their ward to miss their classes for unimportant social functions.

8. In case of change in address or telephone number, please notify the school office immediately.

9. No birthday celebrations are allowed in the school. Only distribution of sweets is permitted.

10. Please ensure that Personal Record in the Diary of your ward is completely filled in and updated with the change of address and telephone numbers, if any.

11. The school authorities reserve the right to make any change / amendment to existing Rules / Guidelines / Procedures in the overall interest of the student, school and the staff.

12. Your child / ward will strictly abide with the code of conduct for students as laid down in the Almanac. We assure you for an overall development of our students and your child.

13. When you come to drop your child to school in the morning don’t wait near the gate, as it creates the inconvenience for the other parent. You are requested to move as soon as possible from the gate after you drop your child.

14. Parents are requested to co-operate with the security guard of the school.

15. While stepping inside the school it is mandatory for parents to abide by the rules and guidelines of the school management.

16. It is against the rule of the school to shout, argue illogically, come in verbal clashes with the teachers and the school authorities.
17. The principal has the right to strike off the name of a student from the school for unsatisfactory and undesirable conduct.

18. Do not offer gifts to staff member without the permission of the management.

19. Partial remedials are offered to children with learning problem, twice in a week; parents are requested to keep track of their child’s progress.

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