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|| School Leaving Procedure ||

Parents / Guardians should apply to the Principal in writing for withdrawal of the student from the school. In case of transfer, clearance from all departments of the school is mandatory. TC will be issued only after the completion of formalities from the school office. Requisition for the TC must be submitted before 25th February. Requisition made after this date will be issued only after payment of the first term fee.

|| Damage to school Property ||

Students must take care of school property. No student is allowed to scratch or spoil the desk or chairs or damage school furniture and fixtures. It is forbidden to write or scribble on the wall, desk etc. Students must not visit restricted areas and labs without presence of the concerned teacher. Any student found damaging or defacing the school property will be severely punished. Repetition of offence will lead to dismissal from the school.

|| Objectionable materials ||

Girls and boys shall not wear any jewellery or apply nail polish when they come to school. Students are forbidden to bring crackers, explosive and other dangerous material to school. Pupils must not bring any electronic gadgets, such as mobile phone, pager, camera, i-pod, mp3, DVD, Video games, laptop etc. If any student is found bringing forbidden things, the item will be confiscated and there will be fine.

|| Mark of Excellence ||

Depending upon their outstanding performance throughout the year, students are confered the following awards.

|| Creativity Award ||

Best student Award, Young Talent Award, Proficiency Award, 100% attendance, classwise best students.

|| Birthday Celebrations ||

Partying of any kind (cake cutting) in the school premises is strictly prohibited. Contribution of a book to the school library and card or a sapling to the school on the birthday of a student will be appreciated.

|| Attendance ||

Attendance of students on all working days is mandatory.

Absence due to inevitable circumstances will be condoned only on receipt of written leave application from the parents.

Leave on medical ground must be supported by a medical certificate.

Prolonged absence will affect promotion to the next class and also can result in removal of names from the rolls.

|| School Library ||

Rule is to be observed in the library. Books issued are to be properly looked after and returned on the due date.

1. All pupils of the school are members of the library.
2. A student can borrow only one book at a time.
3. Books will be issued to students during the library periods mentioned in the Time Table and also before and after school hours. No book will be issued or received back during the teaching period.
4. Reference books will not be issued. A member will be allowed to consult a reference book during the teaching periods.
5. The librarian may call for a book any time even if the normal period of loan has not expired.
6. Strict order and silence shall be maintained in the library room.

|| Co-curricular Activities ||

Learning in DIS goes beyond the classroom. Co-curricular activities are scheduled throughout the year to enable the students to participate without any exception.
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