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Expected Behaviour and Discipline for Student

1. Come to School Everyday.
2. Be on time to school and to your class.
3. Follow classroom, school and playground rules.
4. Listen to the teacher and follow directions.
5. Be polite and courteous.
6. Don’t be disruptive in class.
7. Walk – don’t run or skate on the corridors.
8. Talk – don’t shout, scream or yell.
9. No name calling.
10. Don’t make fun of people who are different from you.
11. Dress appropriately for school and follow the dress code.
12. Be kind to yourself and others.
13. Be respectful to the elders, school employees, fellow students and all the visitors to the school.
14. Medium of communications in the campus and while talking with friends will be English.
15. Malpractice in the test and assignments or other dishonest behavior is not allowed under any circumstances.
16. Loitering on corridors during working hours is not permitted.
17. Students are required to keep the classrooms clean. Throw thrash in waste baskets.
18. School does not allow low tolerance behavior and will lead to disciplinary action.
19. It is also the duty of the parents to ensure that self discipline is instilled in the wards.

Code of Conduct student

All students are expected to be obedient and respectful to all staff members and cooperate with them. students who have bad habits and who in any way spoil the atmosphere of the school way be asked to leave.

A student may be removed from school on any of the following grounds.

1. Constant weakness in studies.
2. Habitual idleness and disobedience
3. Stealing habits, Bad habits, burgling, unauthorized articles
4. Indifference to school activities
5. Bullying of other boys and girls
6. Non cooperation and irresponsible behavior of parents/guardians towards any member of the school staff.
7. Indulging in any activity that is against the good name and reputation of the school.

Tips for you study
1. Start with a clean desk.
2. Sit up straight with a straight body.
3. Take up first the subject you dislike the most. Once you have done this the rest of your work will be easy.
4. Find out what is the most important study.
5. Do not hesitate to ask your teacher or your companions things you cannot grasp clearly.
6. Never omit the daily study or homework.
7. Bring the books to the school according to the time table.
8. Always revise the work done in the class and make sure that you have understood everything clearly and thoroughly.
9. If memorization is assigned, learn it over night and repeat it in the morning as well.
10. Use your homework notebook to take down the work assigned for the next day. All homework should be done neatly and revised at the end of the week.
11. Get enough exercise everyday. It keeps the mind fresh.
12. Pray daily to the all knowing God to help you progress in your studies.
Rules for the school uniform
1. Students are entitled to wear yellow T-Shirt, Blue Jeans and Blue from Monday to Friday.
2. Pre-Primary students have to wear Green T-Shirt, and Dark Blue Pants from Monday to Friday.
3. Boys hair should be short, trimmed, properly oiled and girls should tie their hair neatly in single plaits with Black rubber bands and clips only.
4. Students found in incomplete, shabby, dirty and untidy uniform are not allowed to sit in the class and parents will be called to take their child back home.
5. Students are not allowed to wear any fancy ear rings, friendship band, colour their neither hair nor nails when they come to school. Nail should be trimmed twice a week.
6. Students should compulsorily wear school jacket soon after the Diwali vacation.
7. Parents should attach name labels to all items of uniform, books, bags and other stationery to prevent any loss.

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