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Our Facility

Technology ::

The school’s information technology is fully integrated from Pre-Primary to grade X and throughout all academic and resource areas. Provision of computer laboratories and online access in our library enable students and teachers to locate updated information without delay and benefit from the latest word processing facilities. Students are introduced to computers from grade1.

Classrooms :

Well equipped, well- ventilated, well- illuminated and centrally well maintained classrooms have been built keeping in mind the need of each child.

Library :

Well equipped library. This library has been specially designed to provide learning ambience to all.

Medical and Health care:

A wellness centre with minimum two bed infirmaries along with the latest technological equipments to take care of the health of each child. There will be regular medical check-up of each child to detect any diseases if there is any, and to keep the child protected.

Mentoring sessions :

Mentoring sessions for each student at least once a week to bring out their hidden talents and preparing the exposure to enhance and transform their skills.

Problem solving sessions :

Problem solving sessions will also be provided to sort out their deficiencies and weaknesses.

Vocational training :

Vocational training will be given in the field of child’s interest.


  • Social gatherings
  • Festival and birthday celebrations
  • Excursions and educational tours
  • Group discussions
  • Inter-house and inter school competitions
  • Training sessions
  •      1. Teacher’s training
  •      2. Mother’s training
  •      3. Parent-teacher orientations
  •      4. Student’s training

Leading Features of the school :

  •    1. Implementing a sustained educational program to enhance the development of self confidence by giving a platform to each student.
  •    2. Initiating a series of vocational programs and preparing for a future generation, capable of opening the door of their career themselves.
  •    3. To be at the forefront of education by developing state-of the-art practices and processes.
  •    4. To provide a secular, caring and disciplined environment for all the learners

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