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Academic Features

In – House Training Programs: Teaching is not merely thrusting of some facts into the mental storehouse. This idea encapsulates that the mind is not an empty house which may be filled up with various facts through the agency of a teacher. The teacher helps the students to learn by providing learning situations to the learner. So DIS has organized several In-house training programs for educators. DIS has formulated its training programs on the bedrock of the belief that a sound teaching and learning process is essentially a six- level hierarchy, where knowledge occupies the lowest rung of cognition. The six levels are: KNOWLEDGE, COMPREHENSION, APPLICAION, ANALYSIS, SYNTHESIS, and EVALUATION.

A team of expert educator will be trained to impart training and the resourceful person from outside will be invited from time to time to make our intended learning outcome successful.

DIS has a strong house system that enables all the children to participate in each field. The students have various kinds of competitions all through out the year. This enables each child to become self-confident, self- reliant and self respecting.

To accomplish the vision of DIS following ultra modern and innovative academic features have been formulated by the principal.


  • Customized teaching methods
  • Co-operative learning methods
  • Innovative and life centered methods
  • Remedial teaching
  • Case-Study methods
  • Project based teaching
  • creative testing methods
  • interactive methods
  • transcription and inquiry based learning
  • Subject knowledge through problem solving, team work and investigative work.
  • CAS activities oriented learning.

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