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Our History

Curiosity is the mother of inventions. It is the inquisitive & curious nature of humans that has provided humans a lot of learning, inventions and discoveries. Divine International School is one such esteemed product that is the outspring of inquisitiveness of Sarvajiv Hitay Education Trust which works with the aim of rendering their best to the mankind and society.

Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru once wrote, “We should not become parochial, narrow minded, provincial, communal and caste minded, because we have great mission to perform.” Keeping this in mind DIS works to impart education for citizenship where every child of DIS will stand firmly and look up at the horizon to hitch its wagon and bring about this synthesis and this integration of Indian people. As we enter the new millennium, we replace the structure with a more humane, objective, forward looking system, where there is more stress on character building and vocational training. So DIS has a system where the youth not only grows up with a healthy personality but also with wholesome knowledge for his own, as well as the nation’s progress. DIS as the name itself is apt for saying a heavenly abode of the true worshippers of the world of 21st era. It is an international school where English is the medium of instruction for all. It is currently following the curriculum of ICSE.



  • The school belt is compulsory everyday. (Grade I to X)
  • Students are entitled to wear Black Leather Shoes from Monday to Friday.
  • Boy’s hair should be short, trimmed properly and girls should tie their hair neatly in plaits with Dark Blue Ribbons.
  • On Saturdays students should wear the Saturday’s Uniform and White Canvas Shoes are compulsory.
  • Students found in incomplete, shabby, dirty and untidy uniform are not allowed to sit in the class and parents will be called to take their child back home.
  • Students are not allowed to wear any fancy ear rings, friendship bands, colour their hair or nails when they come to school.
  • Students should compulsorily wear Blazers soon after the Diwali Vacation.
  • Parents should attach name labels to all items of uniform, books, bag and other stationeries to prevent any loss.
  • Any violation of the above mentioned rules will be liable for strict actions.


The Progress Card of the Half Yearly Examination and Annual Examination is given to the parents for their signature and observation during the Parent-Teacher Meeting.
Students remaining absent on medical ground should submit a medical certificate and also inform the School Authorities well in advance.
Students found practising mal-practice during the examination will be given zero in the respective subject.


DIS has a holistic ambience where the built-up structures harmonise with the serene beauty; an ethos appropriate for teachers to inspire and nurture young minds. To provide the learner the most comfortable and homelike environment, there are following provisions:


  • Well maintained classrooms
  • A very well equipped science laboratory
  • A resource centre for teachers and students
  • A very well set up library with books that cover all aspects of knowledge.

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