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About US

Education has a great importance in our lives. Thus it is imperative for any organization to ensure that there is a proper education system for its youth who are the future of the nation. This should not only take care of the aspirations of the people, but also cater to the growth and economic development of the country.

The present system has failed on both counts and hence has outlived its use. Keeping all this in mind Sarvajiv Hitay Education Trust has started its new venture as Divine International School.

The foundation of Sarvajiv Hitay Eduction Trust was laid down on the auspicious day of 18th July, 2002 with the blessings of Lord Shree Swaminarayan. In the initial year of this trust, The first school named as Shree Sahajanand English Medium School resumed with classes I to VII, and later on with classes VIII to X.

The success story of Sarvajiv Hitay Education Trust does not stop here. DIS is another account that has opened plethora of opportunities for all those who want to spell bound the 21st era with the magic of knowledge.

Following are the stalwarts of this trust


  • Rameshbhai Kachhadia - President/CEO
  • Jatinbhai R. Kachhadia - Vice President
  • Bharatbhai Bhuva - Trustee/Executive Secretary
  • Chhaganbhai Padshala - Trustee
  • Vinodbhai Khunt - Trustee
  • Vipulbhai Hirapara - Trustee

Sarvajiv Hitay Education Trust feels utmost pleasure in embarking on its mission of divulging authentic education in the mega city of Ahmedabad at DIS under the divine inspiration of Shree Nar Narayan Dev and with the divine blessings of Param Pujya Acharya Shree Tejendra Prasadji Maharaj.